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Cry Baby – “She Likes To Get High” (Video)

Cry Baby have released a stonerific music video for their newest single, “She Likes To Get High”. The video was shot and edited by our pal Mia Naome in collaboration with the band, and showcases the dangerous effects of marijuana. The video opens with vocalist Jamie Gray smoking herself into a psychedelic stupor. Then the rest of the band joins her, and together they dance into a strange, terrifying cartoon world.

Remember kids, here at Extra Chill we do not condone the use of marijuana or any other drugs. This video is provided for educational purposes only, and we strongly advise against doing any of the things you’ll see Cry Baby doing here. While they do make it seem fun, we assure you that you’re not missing anything and that smoking pot will ruin your life.

Watch the video for “She Likes To Get High” by Cry Baby below.