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Admiral Radio – “Sounds Like You”

Folk duo Admiral Radio, consisting of newlyweds Becca Smith and Coty Hoover, have just released their first new original in over a year, “Sounds Like You”. The story goes that the pair met while working at Fuel in downtown Charleston, discovered that they have a mutual affection for both music and each other, and the rest is history.

“Sounds Like You” is the most wholesome piece of music from the most wholesome band that has found its way onto this website in quite some time. The song is a duet, written from the perspective of two lovers who are always missing each other in similar ways when they are apart. One can only imagine that Becca and Coty were thinking of each other when they wrote this song.

A sentimental song like this does run the risk of being corny, which Admiral Radio manages to avoid for the most part, because their sentiments do seem genuine. However, they aren’t fooling anybody with the little outro that ends the song. This is a love song about missing somebody who is also missing you, not a bar song. Although it could be the type of song to propel somebody to drink, so perhaps that’s what they were going for with the ending.

Another gem from Admiral Radio flew under our radar a few weeks ago, when they released a cover of “Lean On Me” by Bill Withers (RIP) on their Youtube channel, performed live in a church. Check that out here.

Listen to “Sounds Like You” by Admiral Radio below.