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How Extra Chill Makes Money

Extra Chill is primarily funded by the advertisements found on the site. We contract Mediavine as our ad agency and they handle all the placement and negotiations with advertisers. We are paid for both impressions, which means “ad views” and clicks. Mediavine has strict quality standards and we feel comfortable with them as our ad provider.

Additionally, there are some Amazon Affiliate links found on the site. If a purchase is made after clicking one of these links, we will be paid a small percentage. See our full affiliate disclosure.

Extra Chill is also a concert promotion entity, and we often have money-making opportunities as a result of ticket sales. Generally how this works is, we have a pre-agreed upon amount for each band, and a percentage set aside for Extra Chill. So, if one of our events is successful, we are likely making some money.

Extra Chill is also paid $5 for every case of Fatty’s Extra Chill Pils sold to the distributor.

That’s it for now. We are open to event sponsorships and brand partnerships but have not yet explored this avenue of opportunity.

Extra Chill does not offer paid editorial content, paid links, or paid guest posts as part of its monetization strategy.