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Charlie Boy – “Ghost”

Charlie Boy, the Columbia-based indie pop-rock band fronted by Kat Hammond, released a new single, “Ghost,” on Saturday. The track explores the experience of delving too deeply into your own illusions and the sensation that follows when your ghost-like presence is perceived by another. 

Mischievous string sounds and driving percussion abound in “Ghost.” Hammond’s smoldering vocals deliver pensive lines about living too much in your own mind: “Have you ever missed something you never had / You played up the fairytale in your head” she ponders.

The intensity of drums and guitar builds and falls throughout the track to provide the right emphasis on lines like “I’m so lost inside my fucking head.”

While the track is thoughtful, its instrumentation creates a sense of mysterious playfulness, with some key sounds adding extra texture toward the close. Stream “Ghost” by Charlie Boy below.