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Easy Honey – “Steady in Vertigo”

“Imagine always feeling light / Imagine never feeling heavy again,” Easy Honey implores us in their latest single, “Steady in Vertigo,” which dropped on Friday. It’s a compelling concept to ponder, and the song is a study in contradictions: there’s both ease and complexity, grit and effervescence.

“Steady in Vertigo” is Easy Honey’s first new tune since they dropped “Wishes” in December after the release of their sophomore album, Peach Fuzz. It begins in a fuzzed-out, psychedelic fog that is quickly ripped away with clear vocals.

“I’m looking for a pair of shoes / Something that I can really sink my feet into / Doctor said I need support in my life / I figured what I got to lose but my own stride,” the band sings, showing a grounded maturity in their songwriting. 

Multiple guitar sounds are layered throughout the track, building a soundscape over which they play with dynamic, echoing vocals, some soft, some straightforward, creating a mood that manages to be simultaneously lighthearted and intense.

It’s some of the best production we’ve heard so far on an Easy Honey tune: “Steady in Vertigo” is just polished enough, with a rawness that allows the energy the band brings to their live show to seep through each line.

The track was produced by Wolfgang Zimmerman and Easy Honey, mixed by Paul Nederostek, and mastered by Vlado Meller. Stream “Steady in Vertigo” below.