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Premiere: Dead Swells – “MLD” (Live from Paul’s Bedroom)

Earlier this month, Charleston indie/psych band Dead Swells released their first full-length album, the self-titled Dead Swells. The album was self-recorded and produced by Dead Swells frontman and guitarist Paul Nederostek, with some co-production help from the psychedelic guru himself, Wolfgang Zimmerman.

Today we’re happy to premiere a live video of the full band performing “MLD” off the new record, live from Paul’s downtown Charleston bedroom. The video was shot and edited by Paul Chelmis, and captures both the current-times element of isolation, as well as the psychedelic beat that Dead Swells works within.

Nederostek had mentioned in an earlier interview with Glide that the mindset he found himself in while working on the record was partially thanks to his experimentation with psychedelics, which helped him gain the confidence and creative spark to record everything himself.

“I’ve been messing around with shrooms microdosing and whatnot. I think it can do wonders,” Paul elaborates. “Hopefully not too many parents read this. People think of it as this horrible psychotic thing but if you would just do little tiny amounts it could have all kinds of positive effects. And large amounts can be good too haha.”

We here at Extra Chill tend to be very pro-psychedelic, and naturally we agree with Paul’s sentiments about mushrooms and other psychedelic drugs.

“Everyone’s different obviously, and psychedelics aren’t for everyone,” Paul continues. “But, as a musician, I think it helps broaden your emotions and scope of sound in general. I almost wanna say its your job as a musician to try psychedelics to push your brain and creativity.”

Paul also points out that in the 1960s, which were famously the time period during which many Americans started to experiment with psychedelics, music completely changed.

“I love all music before then, but all of sudden BOOM! Jimi Hendrix, Pet Sounds, Pink Floyd, The Beatles completely changed, everything changed. Drugs. Skip the heroin and other shit and you should be alright. And I think I look up to Wolfgang too much. Blame that mofo.”

The advice that I might give you on how to have a positive experience with psychedelics is very similar to the way that Paul approaches making music for Dead Swells, which to my ears always seems to catch a wave and just ride along nice and smoothly.

“I try to keep a blank slate going into recording and writing,” Paul says. “Every time I try and sit down to write with something in mind, or I think alright let’s write an absolute banger or something like that, I’m in for a disappointing time. You just have to try to be in the moment and punch from your gut.  Ya feel me?”

Other than that, Paul says that he’s taking life month to month, and getting ready to open the flood gates for the next Dead Swells album. He also says that he has a serious urge to play a guitar and break it in half, which is something that I think we can all relate to.

Check out Dead Swells performing “MLD” live from Paul’s bedroom below.