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Fo Daniels Releases New Album, Imitation Roses

Fo Daniels released a new album, Imitation Roses, on Friday. It features Charlie Holt, Selby Austin, and Darby McGlone of Easy Honey on drums, bass, and guitar, respectively. 

Imitation Roses is a ten-song project. Tracks “Hold on Tight,” “This Song was Not Made For You,” and “Summers Past” were released previously as singles (and covered here on Extra Chill), and the remaining seven are brand new. The songs exude a satisfyingly vintage rock and roll energy delivered through strong guitar riffs and quick and steady drum licks.

There is an easy, sun-soaked sound to much of the album, which was recorded and mixed by Coast Records and mastered by For The Record Mastering. The recording is kept slightly raw, allowing a sense of authenticity to permeate.

Stream Imitation Roses by Fo Daniels below.