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Fo Daniels – “Summers Past” (Video)

Fo Daniels released a music video for his latest single, “Summers Past,” on Friday. It’s a hazy glimpse of a summer day at the beach, shot and edited by Taylor Flynn.

“Summers Past” is, according to Daniels, the most personal track that will be featured on his upcoming album. “It deals with a lot of influential aspects of my life that I also feel can be relatable to a lot of people — growing up with a single mom, feeling out of place, nostalgia, insomnia, and finding a strong sense of purpose in something you love,” he said. 

The track is guitar-driven and maintains a beach rock sound and sensibility, but also contains the sense of something slightly melancholy, like the realization of the ephemeral nature of a summer day. The video is shot in an intimate, home-movie style, inducing a wistful feeling in the viewer that matches the mood of the song. 

Watch the video for “Summers Past” below and mark your calendars for the new Fo Daniels album to drop on April 22.