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Chris Wilcox – “With You”

Chris Wilcox dropped a new single “With You,” this week. It’s the songwriter’s first release in 2021 and will be part of a 6-song EP coming out in 2022. The track was produced by Matt Zutell of Coast Records (and Human Resources).

“With You” begins with a defeatist outlook — Wilcox sings “Life’s a drag, I give up / I should go home, I drank too much.” This negativity is in contrast with the sound of the music, which is bright with a familiar twang

Once the chorus picks up, the viewpoint seems more optimistic (if only slightly) and “I wanna be there with you” is repeated. One hopes that the love in question can be restored. There’s a satisfying guitar solo in the post-chorus, and then the mood quiets a bit, and Wilcox brings his voice down. The guitar jangles on lightly in the background as the song comes to a gentle close.

Stream “With You” by Chris Wilcox below.