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Daddy’s Beemer – “Boxes”

Charleston deadbeat indie rock band Daddy’s Beemer have just released the third single off their upcoming full-length debut album, Denmark. “Boxes” follows the release of singles “Dancer” and “Best Not To Ask You Why” leading up to the March 27th album release date. The album gets its name from the lake house in rural South Carolina town of Denmark where the band spent some time in recording sessions over the past year or so.

“Boxes” again shows Daddy’s Beemer taking a more experimental approach to songwriting than we heard on either their 2017 self-titled EP or 2018’s Pucker. Both of those EPs were recorded while the members of Daddy’s Beemer were still in school at Clemson. They have since moved to Charleston, and maybe grown up a little bit, and are in turn expanding the musical palette of the band.

It is difficult to write a compliment for Daddy’s Beemer because I’m still simmering from our Leap Year Jamboree beef, but I think this experimental stuff works for them. It allows them more creative freedom, while still maintaining some of the core things that people like about the band. Brady’s slouched vocals and the overall tone of the sound fits right in with their original approach, except now there’s room for more variety.

That’s enough Daddy’s Beemer love for one day. Listen to “Boxes” below, and catch their album release show at The Royal American on Friday, March 27th with Cry Baby and Dinner Time (obviously subject to change due to Coronavirus). Facebook event here.