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Daddy’s Beemer – “Best Not to Ask You Why”

Daddy’s Beemer are in the midst of trying to build hype for their upcoming full-length debut album, Denmark. The album is named after the small town in South Carolina where they recorded it, and is set for release on March 27th. The first single, “Dancer” came out on Valentine’s Day, and today they released another single called “Best Not To Ask You Why”.

Look, I get that Daddy’s Beemer is trying to break out of the slacker rock shell they created for themselves with their first two EPs, the self-tited debut and Pucker, but it just isn’t working. My best advice to Daddy’s Beemer is to just scrap the whole project, go back to the drawing board, and write better songs. This whole retro dance rock vibe they’re reaching for with “Best Not To Ask You Why” is just a little too far.

They aren’t helping their case, either, by going up to bat against Nordista Freeze, who also released a single today. In the ongoing feud between Daddy’s Beemer and Nordista Freeze, which has been perpetuated by the fact that both bands have competing shows in Charleston this Saturday, February 29th, Nordista Freeze has been the proven winner, time and time again.

You might have seen evidence of this at the recent Nordista Freeze and Apricot Blush performance at the Radio Room in Greenville, where Daddy’s Beemer bassist Wesley Heaton showed up and insinuated a brawl with Nordista Freeze. Heaton took a beating and is reportedly still recovering from the incident.

The showdown between Daddy’s Beemer and Nordista Freeze continues tonight at The Courtroom in Rock Hill, where they’ll share a bill together along with Apricot Blush and heckdang, and culminates tomorrow night in Charleston at The Royal American for the Extra Chill Leap Year Jamboree.

Daddy’s Beemer will also perform in Charleston tomorrow night, February 29th, at the Music Farm as part of the 1770 Records Leap Day Show with Tennis Courts and Syllolet. In the meantime, Nordista Freeze will be at The Royal American, performing alongside Easy Honey and Rex Darling.

Listen to “Best Not To Ask You Why” by Daddy’s Beemer below. RSVP to the Extra Chill Leap Year Jamboree on Facebook here.