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Nordista Freeze – “Dolphin”

Nordista Freeze has just released a new single in advance of his upcoming performance at The Royal American tomorrow night for The Extra Chill Leap Year Jamboree. The new single “Dolphin” follows the January release of “First Time”, and comes while Freeze sails through the Carolinas en route to Charleston, for his first performance here since last fall.

“Dolphin” is a beach rock song that dials in the expected happy Nordista Freeze energy, but with a certain frustration and uncertainty shown through the lyrics. This pitting of happy-sounding songs against lyrics that suggest otherwise is a fitting territory for the notorious performer Nordista Freeze. Based in Nashville, Nordista Freeze is constantly on the road, leaving a trail of memorable performances in his wake. We already the know the tour life takes a toll on an artist, and with these new releases Nordista Freeze seems to wear that on his sleeve.

In other recent news, Charleston’s delinquent indie rock band Daddy’s Beemer, who also released a single today, have engaged in a feud with Nordista Freeze. Last week in Greenville, Nordista Freeze fought off the assailing Daddy’s Beemer bassist Wesley Heaton, leaving Heaton with a bruised sternum and a pride damaged beyond repair.

The feud between Nordista Freeze and Daddy’s Beemer continues tonight at The Courtroom in Rock Hill, where both bands will perform along with Apricot Blush and heckdang. Stay tuned for the antics that are sure to ensue this evening, and come out to witness the main event tomorrow night, Saturday, February 29th at The Royal American.

Listen to “Dolphin” by Nordista Freeze below. RSVP to the Extra Chill Leap Year Jamboree on Facebook here.