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Nordista Freeze – “First Time”

Nashville’s Nordista Freeze dropped a new single today called “First Time”. This song feels like a musical representation of the excitement that Freeze seems to have for performing, meeting new people, and just living life in general. The lyrics are about being in love with somebody you’ve never met, and just knowing that it’s going to be great when you do finally meet them. That same concept could easily be used in a sad song, and perhaps there is a touch of sadness here, but not on the surface. The surface is an upbeat, happy rock song that hops right through the day without one single worry.

You can’t truly appreciate Nordista Freeze until you’ve seen them live. Watching Freeze stage dive off a second story ledge at Everybody’s Got Nipples was one of the best concert moments in Charleston last year, and it locked them in as a band that you have to see whenever they’re in town. Luckily for you, Nordista Freeze will be in Charleston on Saturday, February 29th for the Extra Chill Leap Year Jamboree. See you there!

Listen to “First Time” by Nordista Freeze below.