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Premiere: Rare Creatures – “The Howl” (Video)

Earlier this month, “The Howl” by Rare Creatures made its debut on Volume 9 of the Scene SC Sampler. “The Howl” is the first single off their upcoming self-titled debut, which is currently being wrapped up with Matt Zutell at Coast Records Studio. According to frontman Coleman Sawyer’s recent interview on Box in the Morning, the official release date for Rare Creatures is Friday, July 27th. The music video for “The Howl” is premiering right here, right now.

Before “The Howl” was released, the only way you could listen to Rare Creatures (other than seeing them live) was their B-Side Sessions performance of “Dangerous Indeed” at Fairweather Studio.

“The Howl” was the first song recorded for the debut album, and was actually recorded at Matt’s house prior to his moving into the new studio. In addition to being the first song recorded for the new album, it was also one of the first songs that Coleman wrote for Rare Creatures. Continuing the trend of firsts, Coleman played “The Howl” live for the first time at a party thrown by Richards Gregory, a friend of the band.

Fittingly enough, the music video for “The Howl” was shot at Richards’ house on James Island. Coleman says that ever since he started playing this song he wanted to shoot a video for it at Richards’ house and have Richards play the lead. And that’s exactly what happened: Richards threw another party specifically for the filming of “The Howl”, and the filming commenced.

Despite not having much acting experience, Richards stepped up to play the lead role. Dries Vandenberg (SUSTO, Human Resources) was on-site with his camera and shot the video, then sent the footage over to Coleman for editing. Dries kept the camera rolling the whole time, even while they were still brainstorming ideas, and in the process was able to capture some great footage.

Coleman directed the video himself, aiming to capture the “howl” which he says “is meant to represent something that feels like a confident outburst, but is really more like a cry of pain.” This is shown through Richards’ character, who adopts a playboy lifestyle right after a breakup and quickly finds himself wrought with addiction and loneliness.

Rare Creatures will celebrate the release of the music video for “The Howl” tonight at The Royal American, where they will be joined by Cole Collins and Dead Swells. Coleman has informed me that they will, in fact, not be screening the video at The Royal American, so now is your chance to get familiar with it.