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Watch Rare Creatures with B-Side Sessions

If you’ve kept up with Stop Light Observations over the past year or so, you might recognize Coleman Sawyer. He played bass with Stop Light since they got their start back in 2011 or so, and stuck with them up until they finished recording their 2016 album Toogoodoo. According to an interview he did with Charleston Scene, Coleman left Stop Light Observations because he was losing sight of what music meant to him, and he just wasn’t feeling it anymore. He parted ways with the band on good terms, and then put his musical ambitions on the shelf for several months to pursue other ventures.

That didn’t last long, though. Earlier this year Sawyer caught the bug again and picked up his guitar. After playing a solo gig or two, he was right back on the songwriting train and assembled a new band, which for a while didn’t have a name. Eventually the new four-piece was dubbed Rare Creatures, and they’ve been playing shows around town under that moniker for the past six months.

Rare Creatures hasn’t finished putting together studio recordings of any of their songs yet, but they have plenty written and ready to roll. They recently linked up with B-Side Sessions to play one of these songs at Fairweather Studio. Check them out playing “Dangerous Indeed” below, and head down to The Royal American tomorrow night to see them live with Myfever and Youngster.