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Dead Swells – “By the C”

Columbia-based psychedelic rock band Dead Swells just released a new single called “By the C”. Frontman Paul Nederostek recorded the song with Matt Zuttell at Coast Records Studio. According to Paul, this song is a good indication of what’s headed our way from Dead Swells in the future. As of right now, the band plans to release a new album by the end of the summer.

“By the C” puts on display a sound that Dead Swells has been honing in on since the band’s formation in 2017. The band sprouted when Nederostek decided to record a few songs at Columbia’s Archer Avenue Studio. At the time, Dead Swells was just an idea floating around Paul’s head, but he knew he wanted to assemble a band to bring life to the demos that he had been working on. After some time looking for the right blend of talent for the band, the lineup fell into place, and Dead Swells was born.

In fact, the way that the band formed is pretty similar to how they come up with ideas for songs today. When Paul was looking for a lineup, he shared his demo recordings with potential band members until he found the right group of people who liked the songs and wanted to play them. Nowadays, Paul starts out with a self-recorded demo and sends it to the band to see if they’re interested. If there’s a positive response, the band links up to flesh out the idea until they have a full song ready to record.

This process has resulted in a fairly large pile of demos that have never seen the light of a stage, and even a few fully-finished songs that the band has decided not to add to their repertoire. In addition to the pile of unfinished songs, the Dead Swells recording process has allowed the band to learn more about keeping open lines of communication and has allowed them to play off their individual tastes, strengths, and influences to create music that they can all be happy with.

Paul says that the current state of affairs in Dead Swells is extremely positive, and everyone in the band is pleased to fill their role and give their input. They continue to learn more about themselves and their music every time they play together, and their sound will likely continue to evolve as a result.

Listen to “By the C” by Dead Swells below, and catch them at The Royal American on Friday, May 18th in support of Rare Creatures’ album release.