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Bones Hamilton – “Hi, How Can I Help You?”

Columbia-based lo-fi artist Bones Hamilton released a new single, “Hi, How Can I Help You?” on Thursday, his first release since the EP Everything, All the Time which came out earlier this year. It’s an ambient electro-pop track, or, as his Instagram describes it, “cosmic elevator music.” 

“Listen, I want your wasted time /  I want you to work for mine / a reason without a rhyme” the song opens, a reference to the woes of being a customer service industry worker. There’s a sense of frustration and ennui that anybody who has held a job in that field can understand. 

“Hi, How Can I Help You” is not bursting with lyrics, in fact, there are long swaths of nothing but atmospheric keys and misty tones. But there are enough words to convey the poignant message of the track, and to keep you listening. The ethereal song would sound at home in a scene from Lost in Translation or even an episode of Twin Peaks, which makes it a satisfying listen as the weather cools down and the nights come earlier.

Stream “Hi, How Can I Help You?” by Bones Hamilton below.