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Daddy’s Beemer – “California” (Video)

On Friday, Daddy’s Beemer released the music video for “California”, the opening track on their new album Denmark. The video was released in tandem with the announcement of a demo comp from their label, Very Jazzed, which includes “California” by Daddy’s Beemer as well as songs from other artists on the label.

The “Californina” video opens with Brady sitting at a table with a veiled figure, receiving a tarot card reading. He draws several cards and then the video continues with little cinematic representations of each card and how it manifests itself in Brady’s life. Naturally this just became an excuse for Daddy’s Beemer to go around filming themselves doing random activities, including, as to be expected, some illegal activity such as climbing on highway signs (THE FOOL).

Daddy’s Beemer are making the best of 2020, despite the pandemic and all. They have a socially-distanced live show coming up at The Windjammer on Friday, October 2nd, where they’ll be joined by Easy Honey. They also have a weekly playlist running called “Fan Picks” where they allow fans to suggest songs. Get involved in all that very jazz on Instagram here.

Watch the video for “California” by Daddy’s Beemer below.