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Daddy’s Beemer – “Indoors” + “Serotonin”

The band formerly from Clemson, now from Charlotte, that we’re all waiting for in Charleston called Daddy’s Beemer have just released two new songs. “Indoors” and “Serotonin” are the first official releases from the Beemer boys since their second EP, Pucker, was released last year. Pucker dropped in at number 11 on our best South Carolina albums of 2018 list, and Daddy’s Beemer even played at the inaugural Extra Chill Fest back in September. In other words, we’ve been waiting to hear new music from them for a while, and the time has finally come.

“Indoors” marks the welcome return of the violin to Daddy’s Beemer, which first appeared on “Joan” and was sprinkled throughout Pucker. I’ve still yet to witness them having a violin on stage at one of their shows, but apparently that’s going to change soon. According to their recent interview with The Alternative, Daddy’s Beemer is now a four-piece, with Brandon Gallagher taking Dan Fetterolf’s place on drums, and Dan instead playing guitar, synth, and violin. The jump from a three-piece to a four-piece will allow Daddy’s Beemer to do a lot more with their sound, and the violin especially will add a unique element to their already-zany live shows.

Where “Indoors” fits in with the type of sound we heard on Pucker, “Serotonin” stands out as a new direction for Daddy’s Beemer. I first heard “Serotonin” when they played it at The Royal American back in February, and the reason I specifically remember it is because of the abrupt stops and the bass solo, which both stood out that night as well. I personally think it’s the most interesting song that Daddy’s Beemer has released to date, and I hope they continue to experiment in this way while they work on more new material.

Daddy’s Beemer has two shows in Charleston coming up at the end of this month, which means you’ll soon have a chance to see that violin in action. The first one is a house show at The Embassy with Tom Angst and Orange Doors on Friday, April 26th, and the second is a daytime in-store performance at Monster Music & Movies on Saturday, April 27th.

Listen to “Indoors” and “Seratonin” below.