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SUSTO – “Esta Bien” + “If I Was”

This morning, SUSTO released two new singles off their upcoming album Ever Since I Lost My Mind, which is officially due out on Friday, February 22nd. Ever Since I Lost My Mind is SUSTO’s third album, and as of this morning the band has released three of the album’s singles. “Homeboy” saw a December release, and as of today we can hear both “Esta Bien” and “If I Was” via Rounder Records.

“Esta Bien” is sung entirely in Spanish, which is the most direct nod to the Hispanic influence in SUSTO’s music to date. Both their 2016 self-titled album and 2017’s & I’m Fine Today showed hints of this influence, but “Esta Bien” places it front and center. The chorus on this song roughly translates to “if it’s alright with you, it’s alright with me,” which to me is in direct conversation with the band’s sophomore album, & I’m Fine Today.

In case you didn’t know, the band name SUSTO is taken from a Hispanic folk illness that involves the soul leaving the body as a result of emotional trauma. The Hispanic influence boils right down to the band name, and has been woven subtly through their music over the years. If the singles on Ever Since I Lost My Mind are any indicator, the new album is going to be dripping in this Hispanic influence.

“If I Was” is more in the traditional wheelhouse of what you’d expect from a SUSTO song, which could be the reason why they chose to release two singles in one day.

Listen to “Esta Bien” and “If I Was” by SUSTO below, and stay tuned for more news surrounding the release of Ever Since I Lost My Mind on February 22nd. I’m sure we’re not far off from a tour announcement, which hopefully means we’re not far off from the next SUSTO hometown show.

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