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SUSTO – Hard Drugs (Single)

“Hard Drugs” is the third single off SUSTO’s sophomore album & I’m Fine Today, premiered yesterday via Consequence of Sound. You might have heard this song at a SUSTO show, or if you’ve watched their Sixthman Session from a few months back. “Hard Drugs” has a real Wilco vibe to it that I really dig, and is one more reason to get excited for & I’m Fine Today‘s January 13th release.

In Justin’s revealing statement to CoS, he tells the story behind “Hard Drugs”, a song inspired by a deep-rooted friendship coupled with deep-rooted substance abuse. As told by the lyrics, Justin and his friends went through a period of heavy drug use prior to his moving to Charleston. One morning after a night of tripping acid, Justin and his friends were feeling noodly on their way to the beach so they stopped in for some food. While they were stopped, one of his friends collapsed in the bathroom and was bleeding heavily so they rushed her to the nearest urgent care.

Urgent care wouldn’t see her due to an outstanding balance that none of them had enough to pay, but eventually they got her a bed in the ER and she was stabilized. Not long after that, said friend started dating a guy who didn’t approve of her hanging around with the Acid Boys so they grew apart. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that this is the same boyfriend that Justin sings about in “Drug Money”, but I may be wrong. Eventually the relationship crumbled, the Acid Boys cleaned up their acts (a little bit) and Justin once again grew close to his old friend. Now we have “Hard Drugs” as a sort of memoir for the dark days of the past. And for that we can be thankful.

Stream “Hard Drugs” by SUSTO via Spotify below.

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