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SUSTO Plays New Music At Sixthman In Atlanta

SUSTO – Sixthman Sessions (April 2016)

The other day, Sixthman shared the video from Susto’s Sixthman Sessions that took place on April 8th, 2016. The band played four songs, including two that have yet to be released, called “Cosmic Cowboy” and “Hard Drugs”. “Hard Drugs” sounds a lot like something that Wilco would play, which is awesome because Wilco is one of my favorite bands. Justin Osborne even sounds a bit like Jeff Tweedy there. That’s the first time I’ve ever had that thought about Susto, and I like it.

Hearing Susto play new music makes me excited to hear what their next album will sound like. The fact that they’re playing some of the songs tells me that it will probably be released fairly soon. While you wait for that day, find a chance to see them play live somewhere. As showcased by this video, they’re pretty dope.