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Eminem Rhymes with Orange (Video)

Many of us have memories of trying to figure out what rhymes with orange while learning about the concept of rhyming in school. This has led to the common belief that there are no words that rhyme with orange, after scratching our heads about it during our school days.

However, this isn’t true, as seen on this massive list of orange rhymes, and it was also proven by rapper Eminem when he appeared on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper in 2010.

In a 2016 video inspired by Eminem’s statements on 60 Minutes, the lyric site Genius took it a step further and compiled all the times that Eminem rhymed with orange in his songs.

Eminem has done this more times than you might expect over the course of his career, almost as if he has felt this frustration about people not knowing how to break down words for quite some time.

Songs where Eminem rhymes with orange include: “3 6 5′, “Role Model”, “Brain Damage”, “Cum On Everybody”, “Get You Mad”, “The Kids”, “Business”, “Kill You”, “Big Weenie”, “Brainless”, and his verse on D12’s “American Psycho”.

Check out the video of Eminem showing us what rhymes with orange below.