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Hollifield – “Let It Grow”

Hollifield, the rock three-piece made up of namesake Connor Hollifield along with Tommy Merrit and Drew Lewis of The Simplicity, has been rocking various Charleston stages since its inception in 2021 and finally dropped a single, “Let It Grow,” on Friday. 

“Let It Grow” has something of a 60s/70s easy rock sound, with bright, bold guitar and clear vocals. The track is straightforward and upbeat without being cloying or saccharine, instead, it hits as genuine. 

In an Instagram post announcing the song, the band wrote that “Let It Grow” is “a thank you to this ever-changing life. Be who you are, let your light shine, and say a loving goodbye to old habits and old relationships that no longer serve you. People change, and people grow.”

This message of metamorphosis and self-acceptance is evident in lyrics like “It’s a shame that I didn’t know till now / All the power that comes from saying can you help me out,” which Hollifield delivers with verve. 

Background harmonies in the chorus add delightful texture, and overall, the track just feels good. It also serves as a little sneak peek for what’s to come on the band’s long-awaited debut EP, which drops on March 31st. 

You can celebrate the release of Hollifield’s new music live on April 1st at Royal American, where they will be putting on a show with Jive Talk and Wim Tapely. 

In the meantime, stream “Let It Grow” below.