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Wolf Mask – “ticket2thesun”

Wolf Mask, the newest project from Ross Bogan of Doom Flamingo and Lureto, dropped a fresh single, “ticket2thesun,” on Friday. It’s Wolf Mask’s latest release following his debut track LIQUIDCRYSTALDISPLAY

“ticket2thesun” is brimming with power and verve. Quick drums pound away while a guitar sound that feels something like if surf rock took a gritty acid trip fills the soundscape. 

Bogan’s vocals are slightly fuzzy as he sings “Dualism, nihilsm / Helped him with anxiety.” While there is a certain buoyancy to the track, you get the sense that it’s a touch ironic. The chorus repeats “ticket to the sun,” addictive in its simplicity.

More Wolf Masks tracks are on the way, with a full album due out sometime early in the new year. In the meantime, stream “ticket2thesun” below.