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Fo Daniels – “Promises” / “Portrait of a Morning”

This past Saturday, Fo Daniels released a two-sided single: “Promises,” the title track, and “Portrait of a Morning.” The tunes are live solo acoustic takes that serve as an intimate, stripped down follow-up to the more polished rock and roll tracks from his recent album, Imitation Roses.

“Promises” is a reflection on trying to live a creative dream and the struggles that go hand in hand with that lifestyle. “Does it really matter / Is it worth feeling so battered?” Fo asks, but the song ultimately answers its own question through the fact of its existence.

“Portrait of a Morning” is a gentle track that opens with a line describing a baby bird singing in a tree outside the window. The song is about the redemptive energy that exists full of promise in each new day, and reassures that all the “heaviness that weighs you down will float away.”

Both songs are earnest and introspective, reminding listeners of Fo’s skill as a singer-songwriter. Stream “Promises” and “Portrait of a Morning” below.