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Clayton James – “No Thrill”

Charleston rapper Clayton James released a new single, “No Thrill,” this week. It’s the artist’s second release of the year, following “Burn” which dropped in March. The track was produced and mixed by Preston Dunnavant and mastered by Matthew Garber’s For The Record Mastering

“No Thrill” is a cynical rap ballad that conveys sentiments familiar to many of us — political pessimism, lack of job fulfillment, and fear of the future. The song opens with the line “just feel haunted.” James raps cleanly, at an even pace that matches the demeanor of the lyrical subject matter. He repeats “there’s no thrill if my chill’s gone.”

James has a gift for expressing a unique personal experience in such a way that it feels recognizable on a large scale. While “No Thrill” is not exactly cheerful, it’s still an enjoyable listen, and it exemplifies James’ technical skill as a rapper.

Stream “No Thrill” by Clayton James below.