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Niecy Blues – “Bones Become the Trees”

Vocalist Niecy Blues has released her song “Bones Become the Trees” as a single on all major streaming platforms through the Brooklyn record label Mexican Summer. The ethereal, atmospheric track was co-produced by Niecy Blues and Contour.

If you missed Extra Chill’s coverage of the tune when it was featured on the Electric Change benefit compilation released by Boston’s SLDG Music, allow us to get you up to speed: “Bones Become the Trees” features Blues’ voice at an almost whispery level at times, paired with a grounded beat reminiscent of the hammering of an anxious heart.

The tone is eerie and full of depth, calling to mind dreamy winter walks through the woods, but with an electric edge. Bones sings in breathy echoes and arresting harmonies. This song captures her essence as an artist who is not easy to pin down, but always striking.

Stream “Bones Become the Trees” below.