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Little Bird – “kook” (Video)

Last week, Charleston’s Little Bird released a new single called “kook”, the second to come from their upcoming EP, PROXIMA: BETA. The EP is part two of a three-part series that the band is releasing this year, to culminate in the full-length album PROXIMA. Part one, PROXIMA: ALPHA was released in February, and PROXIMA: BETA is due out on June 21st, with one more single “who cares” coming June 7th.

“kook” is the most experimental track we’ve heard from PROXIMA so far, and it comes with an appropriately weird music video. I had the pleasure of meeting the iconic songwriter Jay Hurtt of Little Bird at a house party a few weeks back and he told me about the mushroom trip that inspired this video. According to Jay, the mushroom deity revealed to him an ancient alien code that allowed Little Bird to broadcast their music over intergalactic radio and communicate with the extraterrestrial MCs. The band tried their best to translate the alien tongue in this video but unfortunately due to numerous typos we are unable to decipher what they are saying. They seem to be enjoying the music, though, and admittedly we are, too.

Watch the video for “kook” by Little Bird below.