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Jah Jr. – ‘Here I Go’

This morning, the most hype performer in Extra Chill Fest history releases a new album. Jah Jr.’s new project Here I Go follows the 2019 EP Still Dub, and a three pack of singles released on his 30th birthday in March. This has been a busy year for Jah Jr. releases, and each release shows further evolution of his style, both musically and lyrically.

Jah Jr.’s music over the past couple of years has mostly been central to his hometown of Dublin, Georgia, but this new album Here I Go is the next chapter. Jah explains this with more depth in his recent interview with the Charleston City Paper:

“[On Here I Go] I wanted to let people know that I am from Dublin, but that’s not all of who I am,” he says. “Let me talk about my present life, let me talk to people about a point in my life when I was in Savannah after I had recently graduated, what I went through with that, let me reflect on my love life a little bit, just talk about the nastiest side of my love life.”

Here I Go introduces some more melodic elements to the music of Jah Jr., starting with the production. The beats are generally more low-key and leave room for the lyrics to show through, and even make way for some singing from Jah himself. Some of the songs, like “Crucified”, are personal and emotional, while “Tear It Up” describes some explicit sexual acts, and “Quality” and album closer “Here I Go” sound more in the country rap wheelhouse of his past releases. There’s plenty of style and plenty of energy to be found across the board.

Listen to Here I Go by Jah Jr. below, and stay tuned for even more new music coming soon.