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Jah Jr. Releases Three New Songs for His 30th Birthday

Yesterday was Jah Jr.’s 30th birthday. Today he celebrated with the release of three new songs: “Can’t Complain”, “New Vibes”, and “LaLa Salama”, collectively called the JUNYA 3 Pc Special.

Most of Jah Jr.’s releases in the past two years have been themed around his hometown of Dublin, Georgia, including the 2018 full-length album Back 2 Da Dub and the 2019 Still Dub EP. The last time I spoke with Jah Jr. was before Extra Chill Fest 2019, and he mentioned that in the future he planned to explore some more personal themes in his music, but he would never stop repping Dublin. These new tracks all reference and show love to Dublin, but they’re more about Jah himself and where his head’s at in 2020.

“They ask me how I’m doin, I’m coolin’ I can’t complain”.

Happy 30th birthday to the homie Jah Jr. Listen to the three new songs he released today below.