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Baby Yaga – “Ah”

This past Saturday, Charleston’s Baby Yaga released their second single, “Ah”. This single follows the late-2018 release of “Not Even!”, which spurred a buzz that led to them ending up on a number of impressive bills for such a new band. First, they joined Heyrocco at their now-infamous homecoming show right after Christmas. Then they opened for Babe Club at an epic house show, and to top it off they opened for Justin Osborne at Royal on the eve of SUSTO’s sold-out album release show at The Windjammer in February.

Behind Baby Yaga is the genuine character of the band’s frontwoman, guitarist, and songwriter, Presley Randall. The story goes that Presley taught herself how to play guitar so she could write the songs that had been bubbling up inside of her, and Baby Yaga is the result of that. Presley is backed by Avery Greeson of Whitehall on bass and DJ Edwards of Real South Records on drums. Together the trio play punk-derived rock songs that have people constantly moving at their shows.

“Ah” is less poppy than “Not Even!”, with Presley’s distorted guitar riding high and leading the mix. According to producer Matt Tuton, DJ shattered a tambourine while they were tracking drums, which should give you an idea of the type of energy behind this song.

Baby Yaga will hit the road for the first time in early May, for a mini tour around South Carolina with support from Never Better. The tour kicks off in Charleston on May 7th at Recovery Room, and then runs through that weekend with stops in Myrtle Beach, Columbia, and Rock Hill. Listen to “Ah” below.