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Premiere: Crab Claw – “Nose Beers”

This Friday, March 8th, Charleston’s most ridiculous rock ‘n’ roll band, Crab Claw, will release their second album, Memories Arise. This album has been a long time coming for Crab Claw, who released their debut album Pink Eye back in 2015 and have been working on this one for the past three years. The band is fronted by Walker Trull, whom you might recognize as the big dude with the mullet who slings La Croix boys merch off the back of an electric scooter. The band is known for making comedic songs and bringing a party with them whenever they play a show.

Today we’re giving you an early taste of the new Crab Claw album in the form of a single called “Nose Beers”. As the name suggests, the song is about cocaine, but also the greater theme of substance abuse. Given what we know about Crab Claw, you might expect “Nose Beers” to be a song about how much Walker loves cocaine, but it’s actually a more realistic take on the drug. The lyrics are about the paranoia and general negative feelings that come with a night of indulging too heavily in the nose beers, yet the song’s arrangement is that of an upbeat and happy rock song.

“Nose Beers”, and the rest of Memories Arise, was recorded with Wolfgang Zimmerman at his Rialto Row studio. The exception to this is the band’s 2017 release “Scoot, Scoot”, which was recorded in the old storage units, before the studio opened. In addition to handling production for Crab Claw, Wolfgang also plays drums in the band. Christian Chidester, whom you might remember from Brave Baby, plays guitar and also plays a role in the creative process. Corey Campell of Babe Club is also part of Crab Claw, and he contributed some classical elements to the album’s arrangements.

Walker and I had a brief conversation about “Nose Beers”, and he told me that he might have had a few nose beers while recording the song. He’s since sworn off the nose beers, but he does still sell a nose beers hat, in case you wanted to let everybody know what you’re doing after the bar closes.

Crab Claw will celebrate the release of Memories Arise this Friday night at The Royal American. They’ll be joined by Dead Swells and Johnny Holiday, with a special DJ Party Dad set to close out the evening. Facebook event for that is here. Get warmed up with some “Nose Beers” below.