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Uncovering Hip-Hop Roots & DIY Bands on Tour

The Watts Prophets: Rappin’ For Life

At Extra Chill, we love exploring the past to understand how it shapes today’s music. This week, Thad Adams connects with Father Amde of the revolutionary California poets, the Watts Prophets. Discover how their work in the 60s-70s laid the foundation for hip-hop in our feature article.

Electrical Audio & Chicago House Shows with Hound (RIP Steve Albini)

Alex Brouwer of Hound at Electrical Audio. By Sarah Grace Sherbondy.

Sarah Grace, manager of Charleston’s Hound (opener at Extra Chill Fest 2024) recently went to Chicago for a dual-purpose trip for recording and playing a sold-out house show. She returns with a hybrid tour recap and guide on how to get your band out of town and make money in the process.

Gullah Gala 2024: First Local Event at International African American Museum

Founder Devin Smalls speaks at the 2024 Gullah Gala. Photo by the Active Duo.

Thad is back again with a feature on the 2024 Gullah Gala, a fashion, music, and art event that took place at the International African American Museum in downtown Charleston a few weeks back. His post includes a recap as well as quotes from founder Devin Smalls and choreographer Demetria McNeil.

Exploring Revolutionary Bob Marley Music

A lot of people don’t realize that Bob Marley was actually an incendiary musician, despite being known for his laid-back vibe. I have been listening to his 1974 album Natty Dread a lot lately, and explored two revolutionary songs: “Talkin’ Blues” and “Rebel Music.”

“Talkin’ Blues” contains some violent lyrics that you may not expect to hear from Bob Marley.

Community Activity

The Extra Chill Community is our own hub for independent music. Here’s what’s been happening:

  1. We updated our Spotify playlist, New Music Radar, with 20 new songs from the Community.
  2. Indi’Gxld hosts a discussion about Ghostwriting vs. Songwriting in response to recent beefs in hip-hop.
  3. Brett Nash appreciation thread draws some memories from longtime fans and music scene people. For those who don’t know, Brett plays guitar in Band of Horses, and multiple instruments in a lot other of South Carolina bands.
Another Photo from Hound in Chicago. By Sarah Grace Sherbondy.

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  • Extra Chill Happy Hour at Lofi Brewing 2.0 – June 20th (You heard it here first!)
  • Rage Against the Machine & Wu-Tang Tribute at Music Farm – June 28th (Tickets)
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