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Rising Artists are the Foundation of the Music Scene

In Charleston, one example of a valuable space for rising independent artists is The Soap Box at Chico Feo on Folly Beach. George (aka Foxy G) hosts a curated open mic there every Monday night, and it’s one of the best things you can do in town on a Monday. Another is the Sunset Jamz on Mosquito Beach, every Tuesday night.

There are more, but these in particular come to mind first for me. They are both events where you walk away feeling inspired about the community.

Enter: The Extra Chill Happy Hour

This idea has been rumbling around Extra Chill HQ for a long time, but a serendipitous moment came around the time I got back from Austin. Just as I’m at peak passion and fired-up about Extra Chill, my good friends Chris Gardner (of Extra Chill) and Aaron Utterback from LO-Fi Brewing had talked about doing a free open mic at the brewery.

We teamed up with Rip City, a popular Charleston comedy show hosted by people who also care about Charleston’s community, and created a multi-faceted open mic where people can sign up to perform.

After the announcement post went semi-viral on Instagram, the signups filled up in just two days and I had to close down the form. Now, this Thursday, May 23rd from 6pm to 9pm, we have 9 different artists, comics, and poets doing 15 minute segments each.

We also have a local band merch market, and a local vendor and artisan market. Charleston’s artists are invited to come set up and sell their merch, for free. There is no vendor fee.

Just bring your own table and keep it to a 6×6 space.

Sky High’s Heavenly Dogs will be slinging tacos, including specials like a PB&J taco inspired by the bohemian diet of yours truly: the Chubes Taco.

What Else?

I’m about to go meet up with Loser Chris downtown and film videos to promote the Wu-Tang and Rage Against the Machine Tribute at Music Farm.

I’ve also got to plug the Twen show because the band is really sick. If you aren’t familiar and you take the time to listen to them before June 9th, I guarantee you won’t miss the show.

It’s only $12 to see them on the Pour House deck with Mantra. Most of you know the stage. Get to know the band and we’ll see you there!