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How I Discovered Twen

Twen at The Royal American, November 2018.

The story of Twen with Extra Chill goes back to November of 2018, when they played Charleston for the first time as the opening act for Ron Gallo at The Royal American. They had yet to release their first album and nobody knew who the heck they were. But even then, they were already pretty sick.

Their performance that night stuck with me. I was super impressed with Jane Fitzsimmons vocally. She does this tone-changing thing where she can sound like multiple different people in one verse. Their arrangements are psychedelic, thoughtful, and laid-back without being too slow. It sounds like very creative music to me.

Twen 2024 press photo.

In 2021, Twen opened for the Nude Party at Charleston Pour House. I have never been a big fan of the Nude Party because I think it sounds like generic white boy rock music. Twen blew them out of the water that night with their original sound and creative edge, and I made sure they knew it afterward. I walked up to Jane after the show and told her that I thought Twen should have been the headliner.

In 2022, I saw Twen at Austin City Limits during a daytime set on the main stage, after they had gained some recognition for their album One Stop Shop. That ACL stage was quite the jump from the small Charleston venues I had seen them in previously, and it was epic to see them on such a large scale.

During the summer of 2023, Twen played back on the tiny stage at the Royal American, and of course I wouldn’t miss it. I spoke with Jane at the merch table after their set. I told her again that I think Twen is awesome and that I would love to do a show with them sometime.

Several months later they took me up on that offer and I ended up booking them on the deck at the Charleston Pour House on Sunday, June 9th, with support from Mantra.

All of this is to say two things:

1. Long-term connections are the most valuable thing you can have in the music industry.

2. I’m lucky to be working with Twen. By the time they come back to Charleston they’re probably gonna be way too big to collaborate with Extra Chill.

This is your chance to see them on the deck stage at Pour House before they blow up. Also on tour all over the county this summer.