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Hyper-Specific Mood Playlist: “Songs for Drinking a Frozen Beverage on a Warm Spring Day”

Our Hyper-Specifc Mood Playlists continue, and this month, we’ve got a juicy one: “Songs for Drinking a Frozen Beverage on a Warm Spring Day.”

Few pleasures rival the feeling of those first balmy days in springtime, when the sun lingers in the sky just a bit longer, when you can sit outside without a jacket, reveling in the air on your skin.

It’s an experience that, in my opinion, can be enhanced by only one thing: the simple joy of a frozen beverage. The pure frivolous nature of it – is it a dessert? Is it a drink? Who knows, but it sure as hell feels good. 

Here in Charleston, the weather becomes insufferably hot in what seems like the instant, so it’s crucial to savor these rare perfect weeks before we’ll be dripping sweat and dining alfresco has lost its novelty. 

To me, the sensation of slurping something delicious while the evening sun slinks away is best paired with classic soul and blues jams (I’m finding a way to include something by Junior Kimbrough on every playlist I make for the foreseeable future), maybe a little R&B courtesy of Yaya Bey and Caminator, some local indie favorites from the likes of Babe Club and Hollifield, a touch of surf rock, and a handful of new wave wildcards.

Listen to the playlist, make yourself a drink or venture out and get yourself one. Happy Spring.