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Event Curation Philosophy

At Extra Chill, we are very aware of our position as a source for up-and-coming artists in Charleston, SC. The discriminatory history of our city is not lost on us, and neither are the historic biases that have existed here since it was founded.

Thus, as a progressive publication and music industry business, Extra Chill seeks to elevate the community and lead as a shining bright example of equality, diversity, and an overall creative spirit that holds no judgements based on race, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

This means that each of our events are curated with extreme care for representing all facets of our community. It’s extremely important to us as a grassroots organization to expand the horizons of South Carolina’s arts community, and help to open minds in a state that has historically been quite narrow-minded.

Extra Chill seeks to unite artists, fans, and music industry professionals under the common banner of celebrating independent artistry, venues, and other businesses. Standing together, as powerful individual entities, we can collaborate and side-step the powers of corporate control to carve out our own unique niche and community.

We seek both to grow and to help and inspire others to do the same. We aim to embody this spirit within our event curation, and everything else we participate in.

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