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Hollyn Belle – “Take Me or Leave Me”

Local singer-songwriter Hollyn Belle released her debut single, “Take Me or Leave Me,” on Friday. The track was recorded with Matt Tuton at The Lab and mastered by For The Record Mastering.

“Take Me or Leave Me” is a guitar-driven pop tune with a slight country tone thanks to the subtle twang in Belle’s vocals as she sings certain words. 

It feels a bit like old Taylor Swift meets the angsty indie pop of today, centering around relationship anxieties and a sense of being strung along by a love interest.

“Take me or leave me / Just don’t lead me on,” Belle repeats in the chorus with relatable urgency.

“Just tell me the truth / Do you want me?” she asks. 

At the end of the track, the soundscape is paired down to just Belle’s vocals and an acoustic guitar before building up to one final burst of big band noise. 

“Take Me or Leave Me” shows Belle as an artist with vocal promise and the ability to craft engaging pop tunes.

Listen to the track below.