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Cultura Festival Featured Artist: SunRhe’

Photo and Graphic by @blackdaveblackdave / Illustration by @ramonesketch

It’s official! The Cultura Festival at The Royal American is literally TWO days away and I can already smell the food, feel the vibes, and hear the sweet sound of the underground in the air. As we wrap our #GxldApproved coverage of the ‘Cultura Festival featured’ segment, I have one more artist that I almost forgot to add to the line up, the one and only: SunRhe’. I initially covered SunRhe’s March single release, “Fire”, but almost dropped the ball in giving SunRhe’ her flowers, as she prepares to bless the stage of the renowned Cultura Festival featuring Curren$y and a line up of stellar creatives.

Alongside Curren$y and the heavy underground hip-hop influences, are a few pockets of soft, sultry, soul soothing sounds hitting the stage at The Royal American this weekend. SunRhe will definitely be a major seam in this pocket, as she delivers sensual connections between her music and the masses with her gentle, yet fierce vocals. As I’ve been listening to her catalog, anticipation has been built to see SunRhe enchant and serenade our souls, hearts, and minds with her relatable concepts and atmospheric sound.

Beyond the release of “Fire” SunRhe’ has a deep catalog and also teamed with multi-genre artist, Mo.Et to create the duo “Black Sun”. Equipped with genre bending songs like “Red Light” and “Want Me”, SunRhe and Mo.Et have created a sound that is a cross between experimental R&B with a twist of electronic, yet soulful, pop soundscapes. If their 2022 performance at Smith’s Olde Bar is any indication for what to expect on stage this Saturday, we are in for a real treat.

In these last two days, I urge you to get acclimated with the sound and frequency that is SunRhe’! Tap in to this #GxldApproved creative and get ready to feel, dance, and rejoice in the energy of The Cultura Festival in Charleston May 6th. Tickets here.