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SUSTO Announces New Album, My Entire Life, Shares Title Track (Video)

Earlier this week, SUSTO announced their fifth studio album, My Entire Life, due out July 28th, and released the first single, title track “My Entire Life”. The track is paired with a music video that features live-action shots and animation, both of which emphasize the cycle-of-life themes contemplated in the song.

“My Entire Life” driven forward by the steady momentum of drums and guitar, pulling it along in way that seems to mimic the thumping repetition of life itself. Birds chirp both the song’s beginning and end, representatives of nature’s constant presence.

The track is at once sentimental and clear-eyed. Osbourne looks at life as an opportunity to collect moments of connection, singing  “If life is a canvas I want to fill it up / With landscapes and portraits and brushstrokes of love” and “I want to catch all the memories like lightning in a jar / I want to walk through the rainbows where all the colors are.”

The chorus is full and anthemic, lending itself easily to fervent singalongs and inclusion on summertime playlists.

Colorful images of nature thriving, children growing, and the general adventures of life feature heavily in the animated artwork, and the lines and brushstrokes themselves seem to be in a constant state of growth and metamorphosis, showing a sped-up version of life’s processes. 

If “My Entire Life” is a preview of what we’re going to get from the album of the same name, it seems we’re in for a buoyant and tenderly introspective body of work that will usher in the next era of SUSTO

The band also recently announced their next Charleston show, taking place on Saturday, September 2nd at The Refinery. Tickets available here.

Watch the new video below and keep your eyes peeled for more news surrounding My Entire Life’s release on July 28.