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Fo Daniels – “One More Night”

Local singer-songwriter Fo Daniels is back at it with a new release, “One More Night.” The track dropped at midnight and follows  “Know Me, Know Me,” which was released in January. 

“One More Night” details the crumbling of a hollow relationship in a pretty, yet equally hollow place. It seems like it’s going to be a slow burn, beginning with a tentative acoustic guitar riff, but then the energy shifts and quick drums peel in, the guitar growing vibrant and bold.

On the surface, the track sounds bright, but the lyrics contain a sense of subtle exasperation.

Daniels’ smooth and good-humored voice expresses frustration over a hopeless relationship. “You say you love me / But I’m still living without you,” he laments. The lively cadence of his vocals contrasts with the dismal quality of the experiences he describes.

“I wrote it towards the end of when I lived in Los Angeles,” Daniels said. “At that point, I was feeling pretty lonely.” 

Daniels had the 70s in mind when writing “One More Night,” and that sort of beach rock, easy-going style rings true in the song, but it also calls to mind some late 90s/early 2000s guitar-driven acts in its quick rhythm and vocal stylings that straddle the line of sly and sincere. 

“Like many classic west coast rock tunes, it juxtaposes sad lyrics with an upbeat arrangement and smooth harmonies, with the intention of capturing the way that, at least to me, it feels to be in an incredibly beautiful but heartless place,” Daniels said.

You can catch Fo Daniels live tonight at Royal American with Deaf Andrews and The Upsides. In the meantime, stream “One More Night” below.