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Cultura Festival Featured Artist: CrucialBGR

Photos and graphics by @blackdaveblackdave / Illustrations by @ramonesketch

Next up on the #GxldApproved Cultura Festival featured artist list is hip-hop lyricist, CrucialBGR. CrucialBGR is well-known, yet he keeps a certain level of enigma that puts high levels of anticipation on his releases and he never sells short.

Recently, he has hopped back off the porch by dropping a pair of ‘bust you in the mouth’ freestyles starting with the “RappinMyLife” freestyle from early March and the newly released “Shimmy” freestyle paying homage to Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s classic record “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”. Two top of the month releases from the ‘Big 3‘? Damn right!

We are closing in on a month before the big date, so the fact that CrucialBGR is hitting us with some intense penning over some classic beats, can only set the tone on what’s to come. I’m a big fan of CrucialBGR’s unrelenting style and slick southern drawl similar to Big KRIT, B.o.B, and Andre 3000.

My man literally went ‘no holds barred’, handicap, cage match, hard on this new release. Without going too crazy here’s one of my favorite schemes from the “Shimmy” freestyle: “got way too much to gain/ a trench coat for a dummy, I hope he ready for all this rain/ imagine if he wrote it, they ain’t seeing him off the brain/ and even then he gone / I’m ET phonin’ home/ I never been rich/ financial growth for me is getting personal, I’m counting all my licks / why they be barefooted and still be counting all my kicks you ain’t gone get your chain, too busy watchin his sh**.”

If this song isn’t enough to make ya head bop and your speakers knock, check out CrucialBGR’s EXTENSIVE catalog below! It’s full of dope visuals, features, and bar for bar, CrucialBGR is one of the hardest in Charleston. The #GxldApproved Way!

Tap in to CrucialBGR and get familiar with the homie before he hits the stage May 6th for The Cultura Festival. Tickets available here.