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9NeinTu – “Cash Out”

Blvme Worldwide recording artist, Mr. Sebastian Slick, better known as rap artist 9NeinTu, released a drippy single last week, “Cash Out”. 9NeinTu has been a staple in the underground scene in Charleston for some time. His enigmatic style and multi-faceted delivery puts me in the mind of artists like Desiigner and Travis Scott. Catchy, cryptic, and infectiously groovy.

Following a bit of a hiatus after dropping several songs and gripping visuals such as “Kick Door” in Fall 2022, 9NeinTu hits us with “Cash Out” produced by Orion Creates, mixed by Dblcrwn. I can hear this on the radio. Between the swinging melodies and message behind the lyrics this is a #GxldApproved drop.
With lyrics like: “money makes the world turn guess that s*** just what it is/two times back on biz, Weezy ‘back up on my griz/zombie died just to live…” I get the feeling like “Cash Out” is the beginning of 9NeinTu’s reintroduction back to the scene and running the risk of letting it all go as he ‘cashes out’.

I’ve always been a fan of 9NeinTu’s ability to take busy beats with a lot of well blended harmonies and sounds, brush it with a proper chorus/hook, and adds southern trap with a hint of ethereal psychedelic feels. “Cash Out” is nothing short of this.

Bump “Cash Out” below and stay tuned in to 9NeinTu and his upcoming content!