The Grilled Cheese Show: #GxldApproved Hip-Hop

When cyphering through the local hip-hop scene in Charleston, you will notice an influx of platforms that spotlight the rising underground sound. Given that there are so many events circulating daily in the city, it gets difficult to see every artist perform and display their talents. One of the remedies for this growing demand over the years has been The Grilled Cheese Show.

The Grilled Cheese Show is a multimedia variety show with skits, interviews, and musical performances from all genres of Charleston’s entertainment scene. This underground hub is created and curated by Cam Johnson and Cory Schwartz.

Today we will be featuring all of the live, in-studio hip hop performances from 2022 and so far in 2023. There is so much unseen talent in the city and this is a small glimpse of what you’ve been missing.


Bluflame James


Indi’Gxld (yours truly)

King Cutler




Vonte Write

Chuckie Campbell

Heartbreak Hutch


David Seward


Prince Douglas



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