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Outer Ego – “Medicine”

Columbia-based group Outer Ego dropped a new track, “Medicine,” on Saturday. It’s the band’s first release since their 2021 single “Floating.”

“Medicine” shows Outer Ego leaning into the piano-heavy sound that makes them unique amidst other indie rock bands. The guitar still features heavily, but it mixes and mingles with the keys in a way that makes the track feel a little jazzy and sly.

Kat Gandy’s vocals are crisp yet sultry, embracing the sort of smoldering, smoky jazz club attitude that the instrumentation sets up. The lyrics are delivered in fast quips and images of playing cards and gambling abound. 

“Why do you make it stink like roses?” Gandy asks in the chorus, as if she’s hesitant to trust someone, or feels that they’re selling something that’s too good to be true. 

The track is a welcome addition to Outer Ego’s canon, and we hope they plan on dropping more new tunes as the year continues. 

Stream “Medicine” below.