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Jah Jr. – “Money On My Mind” feat. R Dotta (Video)

As time draws near for the release of Jah Jr.’s album JunyaMadeDis executive produced by SwankMadeDis, he gives us another fire track with a cool visual shot and directed by Stan Green. “Money On My Mind”, released Feb. 23rd by Jah Jr. featuring R Dotta, is a smooth ode to the minds of the motivated.

This song is a reminder to wake up every day and ‘get to the dinero’ or whatever driving force that navigates you. Overcoming the struggles and sometime slow stroll of the journey, to not only chase the bag, but to be consistent enough to reach your goals.

The simple, yet orchestral, 70’s slow soul type instrumental, is the perfect background to allow the lyrical content of the artists to be the focal point and still make a groovy song.

The video starts with a funny, nostalgic reenactment of the Tupac & Biggie club scene from the Biggie Smalls biopic movie ‘Notorious’. Alongside Jah Jr.’s catchy chant “Wake up in the morning with that money on mind/millions in my vision all I see is dollar signs/moving with intention I ain’t got a lot of time/ cruising through the city, hustlin’ be my 9 to 5”, both artists give relatable verses that really affirm that we all have the potential to go through the worst, but it’s how you come out on the other side of it.

“I gave it everything that I could/now I’m getting everything as I should/remember me as a leader in time/I gave the people everything they ever needed in rhymes/I go to sleep dreaming bout money, it impedes on my mind/waking up the next day and all I see is the signs” a powerful conclusion to R Dotta’s verse.

You get the energy that you give to the universe. Focus on healing, growth, and your grind and watch the dreams unfold. A true #GxldApproved message from Jah Jr. and R Dotta.

Check out the “Money On My Mind” music video below and tap in to these two #GxldApproved creatives in the city of Charleston!