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CrucialBGR – “RappinMyLife” (Freestyle Video)

Today’s #GxldApproved will be a bit different than the ones before it. We usually cover songs and albums, but today we cover our first #GxldApproved freestyle of the year with CrucialBGR’s recently released, “RappinMyLife” freestyle video over Lil Boosie’s hit “Do The Ratchet”.

Raw, uncut, and the only automation is on the actual mix of the instrumental. Crucial delivers a non-sugarcoated mirage of real-life situations and lessons for 1 minute and 35 seconds. It’s a quick listen, so I’d recommend bumping it ‘thrice’ to truly catch the essence and energy ‘The Big 3’ presents on this soon-to-be classic freestyle.

More than just the content, you can hear the hunger and gravity in CrucialBGR’s vocal timbre and delivery. Despite the piercing lyricism, CrucialBGR keeps a cool even tempo throughout the verse, so the intention is clear that this one is for the people, the fans, and for himself since he’s able to use the conduit of music to get these thoughts off.

Without going too in depth, my favorite bar arrangement was: “…every time I turn around this f****n life make me pay for something/whether it’s in spirit or physical /you seeing that sh** that people be saying and think I’ma really get rid of you/ya peoples making you play it cool and act like the sh** just tickled you/sh** a dirty game…/ why I gotta be willing to sacrifice my calm for fame…/can’t walk in my shows or trace my steps without feeling pain…/”.

Personally felt that on another level. My favorite BAR/SCHEME? The last 3 bars of the track. Not even going to quote it because you have to go check the homie out.

Here’s to the the first #GxldApproved freestyle: “RappinMyLife” by CrucialBGR shot by, check out the music video below. Catch CrucialBGR and more, May 6, 2023, at the Cultura Festival featuring Curren$y aka Spitta Andretti for the OG fans.