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Tombstone Poetry Releases Debut EP, World Series Hangover (Review)

World Series Hangover, the debut EP from Tombstone Poetry was released last Friday, February 17th via Candlepin Records. The Asheville, NC noise-folk band played a show at Tua Linga the following night, exposing Charleston to a familiar sound from a new face- noisy sad guitar folk-rock, lovingly blessed by a distortion pedal.

“Fallacy of Life” sings about wrestling with alcoholism while flickering bursts of gain give the appearance of something barely held together. “It’s the fallacy of life / You can’t get f*cked up every night / I mean you could, would that be right? / if it is, I’m doing alright.” Impassioned vocals lead the listener through the first track until it blooms into a beautiful cascade of picking that sets the tone right for the next track.

This album is rife with influence from noise-folk artist MJ Lenderman, who released one of my favorite albums of 2022, Boat Songs. Slide guitars swing back and forth on “Drink At 12:30” as Tombstone Poetry recounts a drunken descent.

The title track, “World Series Hangover” is the star of the show, compiling all of the elements from different moments of the album into a homerun. The post-rock influence bleeds through as the track transforms into a wild swirl of distortion, ending on a recognizable medley from American baseball games.

Track 4, “Glimpse” sounds desperate, almost as if the singer is a moment from being whisked away by the storm of static that sets the scene of this track. The song washes back and forth before fading out.
“Lead” closes out the album with an acoustic ballad with some crushing and introspective lyrics, such as “sometimes you gotta make a choice whether to let yourself go / apathy is a slippery slope.”

As Tombstone Poetry reflect on the ails of growing up, slide guitars decorate the background. This EP feels very human and vulnerable and nowhere more so than on this closing track.

I’d strongly recommend this EP to fans of MJ Lenderman, Dawning, The Velvet Underground, Lil Ugly Mane, Neutral Milk Hotel, Modest Mouse, Alex G, and Slaughter Beach, Dog. Stream it below.