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Mike Burna – Greatness In My DNA (Album Review)

It’s interesting how hip-hop is so boisterous, yet there’s a certain enigmatic feel that adds depth to the genre. Mike Burna is one of those enigmas. With the release of Greatness In My DNA he breaks a 3-year hiatus and presents us with a solid piece of work.

The album is full of soul touching vocals, passionate lyrics, and gripping stories. Mike Burna not only delivers some soothing vocals himself, but features two outstanding singers, Stacy Capers and Louie 13th, that serenade us throughout the release.

Greatness In My DNA is a deep look into the most recent events of Mike Burna’s life, that has had a major impact on his family, his soul, and his music.

Songs from the work such as, “Freedom” and “Preach” show the awareness that Mike Burna has gained by watching the world around him. “Freedom” which perfectly opens the album, is a positive ode, armed with gentle, soul filled vocals from Mike Burna and Stacey Capers. Graced with a soft touch of gospel, this ballad of perseverance makes you raise your head and chant “FINALLY FREE” with the two Charleston born artists.

In “Preach”, he asks deep questions and pushes the envelope on topics such as miseducation, systematic injustices, the prison industrial complex and so much more. Mike Burna gives a glimpse into the darker side of not only his reality, but the realities of the world around him. He likens this struggle to a ‘dark cloud’ that hangs over us. A cloud that we will and must overcome and conquer, which he explains in the very next track, “Walk By Faith”.

Although the album holds a more serious tone, it is very uplifting and even includes some surprise dancehall, island vibes. “Strawberry Henessey” comes in with some groovy, Tory Lane-ish vocals from Louie 13th and some wavy, upbeat lyrics from Mike Burna and AyeYoBerg. Ladies, fall into the vibe and take a sip of that “Strawberry Henessey” (that actually sounds quite fire). Definitely wouldn’t be surprised to hear this one on any dance floor.

Mike Burna takes the listener to many places with his album Greatness In My DNA. He takes us through his struggles, fights, thoughts, and how this journey adds to the motivation for him to rise from his depths, ‘walk on water’, and be FREE!

This is a #GxldApproved ‘welcome back’ to Mike Burna and we look forward to seeing what’s to come. Check out Greatness In My DNA below and stay in tune with Mike Burna.